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Dr. Jignesh Tapariya
Director Academics

Dr. Jignesh Tapariya is the Director(Academics), Kaushalya : The Skill Univeristy, Ahmedabad. He is also the Associate Professor(Psychology) in Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute, Memnagar, Ahmedabad.


Best Professor Awarded by Education Department, Government of Gujarat, Award Announced on 5th September 2020.
Officer on Special Duty (IT), Office of the Commisnnor of Higher Education, Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar
Member, NEP Cell, Commissionerate of Higher Education, Gujarat

Syllabus Development:

Chairman, Syllabus Committee, Psychology,Chairman, Syllabus Committee, Psychology
Member, Syllabus Committee, Psychology, C U Shah University, Wadhvan City UG to PG, 2014 to Continue

As an Expert:

Expert Coursework Lecture on Research Methodology in C U Shah University, Wadhwancity
Chair in International Seminar on Holistic Living at R R Lalan College, Bhuj Feb 2015
Expert in Ph.D. Course Work on Research Methodology at C. U. Shah Univeristy, Wadhvan City 2nd Feb 2014
Expert in Work Shop on at Dada Dukhayal College of Education,
Gandhidham on 18th 19th Feb 2015
Univeristy, Wadhvan City 2nd Feb 2014
Expert in "Research Progess Review” for Ph.D. Course Work on at C. U. Shah Univeristy, Wadhvan City 22rd June 2017
Subject Expert in Psychology, at KSKV Kachchh Univeristy, Bhuj (Guj)

Books Publication:

Manovigyanni Mulbhut Prakriyao ISBN: 978-93-80033-15-0 Year: 2011
Crime Psychology ISBN: 978-93-80033-11-2 Year: 2011
Apradhnu Manovigyan ISBN: 978-81-91005-24-0 Year: 2011
Stress Managnment ISBN: 978-93-80033-20-4 Year: 2011
Mahila Shasktikaran ISBN: 978-93-80982-01-4 Year: 2011
Child Psychology ISBN: 978-93-82206-61-3 Year: 2013
Women Psychology ISBN: 978-93-80033-91-4 Year: 2013
Emotional Psychology ISBN: 978-93-5053-242-3 Year: 2013
Psychology of Job ISBN: 978-93-5053-255-3 Year: 2013
10. Bal Apradh ISBN: 978-93-82206-69-9 Year : 2013
11. Khel Manovigyan ISBN: 978-93-82206-68-2 Year : 2013
Indian Psychology ISBN: 978-93-5053-521-9 Year : 2016
Psychology of Married Life ISBN: 978-93-85925-77-1 Year : 2017
Life Skill Development ISBN: 978-93-86687-86-9 Year : 2018
Social Media and Psychology ISBN: 978-81-942387-2-0 Year : 2019
Psychological Effect of COVID 19 ISBN: 978-93-89437-57-5 Year : 2020

Books Translation:

Senior Secondary Book Psychology (National Open School)


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Research Review - The Referred – Peer review International Journal ISSN: 2321 – 4708 Website:

Paper Publish :

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