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Board of Governance

Dr. Sunil Shukla
Kaushalya Skill University Director General of Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India.

Dr. Sunil Shukla is a well known figure in entrepreneurship education and research. He joined the institute in 1993 and since then Dr. Shukla has contributed relentlessly to the development of the institute in different capacities.

Several organizations, including the state-level Entrepreneurship Development Institutions, are today benefitting from Dr. Shukla’s experience and expertise by having him on their Board.

Dr. Shukla institutionalized ‘entrepreneurship education’ internationally and successfully launched an application-oriented, award-winning postgraduate, full-time education programme in entrepreneurship. His pioneering programmes and developmental interventions in ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘corporate entrepreneurship’ have also ensured sustainable results for varied target groups.

Dr. Shukla plays a primary role in crafting policies and impact-making, developmental interventions in the country. He is the current Editor of ‘the Journal of Entrepreneurship’, a leading journal in the field of entrepreneurship. Dr. Shukla is the principal author of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) India National Reports (2014 onwards). He is the national team leader of the GEM India Chapter that conducts this largest annual study of entrepreneurial dynamics.

Dr. Shukla has extensively worked in the international arena as well. He has contributed to entrepreneurship education, research, and capacity-building initiatives in Cambodia, China, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Bhutan, Uzbekistan, UAE, Iran, Rwanda, Zambia, Djibouti, UK, USA, Latin America, Brazil, Chile, etc. His work in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) countries has been highly appreciated.